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Summit Digitel (Brookfield)

STED Architects were awarded with responsibility of design and build for an office of client- SUMMIT DIGITEL INFRASTRUCTURE. This was a repeat win for STED from BROOKFIELD INFRA group. SUMMIT DIGITEL is one of the largest telecom infrastructure providers in India with over 136,000 operational telecom sites and growing. Inspiration behind designing of this office was fact that this company is into technology + infrastructure. Main audience, who’ll use this workspace come from background of engineering. There will be long hours of work including meetings and collaborative work. It was necessary to design space that could keep the crowd continuously motivated. At the same time, equally important was to ensure that space would take care of health and wellness of employees. STED took this as an inspiration and basis of design concept. As density of users was higher in given space, enabling them to experience spaciousness and more areas of collaboration other than individual desks was challenge. Windows to allow natural/day light was on one side only. This side was kept free from any enclosed rooms that otherwise would have blocked day light. Circulation spaces were created with interesting paths and unwinding with slight crooked form to create interesting and surprise element while moving through these areas. Horizontal and vertical planes intersection was not restricted to only ninety degree thereby making overall spatial order full of surprises and positive vibes. Areas of break-out, refreshment and collaboration were treated with soothing shades of surfaces around and same with furnishing. Many walls and other surfaces were treated with interesting graphics that reflected company’s involvement as hi-tech infra company. Along with all above with landscaping + small library and converting small balconies outside of floor area as terrace gardens, it was ensured that an employee would spend a healthy time and better with wellness while working out of this amazing workplace.

BKC, Mumbai


10,000 Sq.Ft


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