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QAD had an existing office and required more space within same office building. The brief was clear that new office shall be an extension of existing but with an additional factor of creating a more motivating ambience, that would foster the aim of delivering business with excellence. The layout consisted of cubicles as private workspaces, along with sections that offer collaborative working opportunities. Graphics were installed on columns and selected walls making bold statement of company values and ethics. Colours were brilliantly used to enhance the brand image. Variety of materials were used on different surfaces but in subtle way to create interesting vertical planes. All circulation areas were free from false ceiling while the workstation area had acoustic control ceilings. More amenities and recreation spaces are provided compared to existing office in same building. Client team were happy to see that there was better employee engagement witnessed in new space. Hence it was a win-win situation for all groups/teams operating out of the new office.



18,000 Sq.Ft


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