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PIL (Brookfield)

STED Architects recently completed project, the office design for client PIPLINE INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED. This is part of BROOKFIELD group companies and into business of natural gas transmission, located in Navi Mumbai, Maharastra. The ideology while designing was an amalgamation of formal and Informal spaces simply to reduce the work-stress and to increase efficiency of the employees. STED Architect focused on the freedom and mobility, which creates the different collaboration area and ensures all employees find the right environment for the work, at the same time making sure to enhance the value and utilization of space. A box Shaped floating collaborative area was design in a strategic centered spot, creating a highlighting feature which can be used as discussion area and relax area for team and employees. The challenge was to design an office space with Visual connectivity, with a sense of Openness and Light, all the while blotting out the chaos from outside. In order to achieve optimum results, the work flow between all of the company’s different area was analyzed, the analysis was the foundation and guiding principal behind every trace, shape, color and design finished chosen to create a wholesome and functional environment. Huddle spaces have been planned closer to the workstation zone acting as a point of interaction for teams to come together, exchange ideas, socialize. The design included use of conventional materials to justify the theme of the project. Part of the design concept was based on corporate +industrial style having all modern facilities. The STED team generated a palette of harmonized colors including shades of greys, wooden texture and highlighting color of greens and blues in form of carpet. The ceilings within the project have been customized to have fabricated panels with perforations clubbed with wooden ceiling element turning into reception table and customized acoustic material anchored by exposed chains in the open office area. The Whole space is designed to promote community engagement and socialization, an important aspect of wellness and wellbeing. Bringing wooden elements, artworks and greenery into all areas provides a human centered space with a homelike feel.

Navi Mumbai


45,000 Sq.Ft


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