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Navin Fluorine

Part, Park & Path – The concepts speaks to all the distinctive zones of the floorplan, the Parts defines the workspace of the office, Parks defines all the collaborative spaces in that workspace and Path defines all the circulation pathways The structure of the new office space was conceived by introducing a number of slated partitions, vibrant interiors create a dynamic environment for collaboration and a sense of belonging.
As guiding principles and inspirations for design, we've found that the future of the office lies in connection and collaboration, not individual efforts. Therefore, an open and warm space was designed, accented by a minimalist nude and beige colour palette inspired by their ideology. The new 14,000 SQFT. office sets the tone for its future with a subtle and sophisticated design guaranteed to leave an impression on current and prospective employees.
A vibrant juxta position of materials, colours and textures creates unique moments throughout the office, offering a softer, more welcoming space away from the traditional feel of a pharmaceutical company.



14,000 Sq.Ft


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