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Located in one of busiest locations in Mumbai, the client wanted a workspace that could connect with employees in similar ways as the company’s global offices. Also, it was important to keep the spirit of the employees high. Thus, idea was to balance global standards with local setting. Interesting was use of graphics all along reiterate the brand philosophy, and enhance the feeling of global team, with force of local talent. Several informal meeting spots and collaborative spaces were also needed. Glass separators were etched with the signature grid design seen in all Acuris offices across the world. Mostly neutral colours were used all across with few bright highlights, as required by their global workspace standards. Circulation spaces were open without any false ceilings. Heights became an interesting feature of the office. Also, the company encouraged lot of book references/reading as may be required for their business, so books were kept in uneven piles atop low-height storages acting as dividers, adding a unique dimension to the interior of the workspace. The office space truly becomes symbolism of unity and community to deliver the best of their services.



24,000 Sq.Ft


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