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Navin Fluorine Advanced Sciences Limited


75,000 Sq.Ft


Dahej, Gujarat


Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

STED archbuild created a cutting-edge facility for Navin Fluorine Advance Sciences Limited in Dahej, with an inspiration from the company's status as one of India's largest and most esteemed manufacturers of specialty fluorochemicals. The goal was to design a campus that not only showcased the facility's size and integrated capabilities but also reflected Navin Fluorine's core virtues. The result is a sprawling complex composed of four main blocks: the Admin Block, QAQC Block, Cafeteria Block, and OHC Block, each serving specific functions vital to the company's operations.

The Admin Block, with its Ground + 2 Floors layout, acts as the heart of the facility. Inside, extensive meeting rooms cater to various group sizes, ensuring a conducive environment for collaboration and decision-making. A welcoming reception area sets the tone for visitors, while the breakout area provides a refreshing space for employees to unwind. Incorporating the company's ethos, a tranquil Koi fish pond area and a dedicated space for holy rituals symbolize Navin Fluorine's commitment to harmony and spirituality. All these elements are carefully integrated into the design to create a sense of balance and connectivity.

To further enhance the ambiance, the entire campus is adorned with lush greenery, which complements the surroundings and fosters a sustainable environment. Clean and well-maintained roads connect all the blocks, facilitating smooth movement and accessibility across the facility. The seamless blend of nature and architecture is meant to inspire and invigorate both employees and visitors. The thoughtful integration of functional spaces, landscaping features, and the embodiment of the company's values ensure that this facility serves as a symbol of progress, innovation, and sustainability for years to come.

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